A Sugar-Free Christmas? Bah Humbug!

Lebkuchen3lA couple of years ago, I decided to cut back on my intake of refined sugar.

And I’ve shared my various successes baking with alternate sweeteners here and here.

Of course, there are lots of reasons why you might want to consume less sugar than the Standard American Diet (aka SAD).

However, if you’re experiencing any kind of digestive distress, or chronic illness, then sugar is one of the first things I’d recommend you eliminate.

After gluten, of course!

(Both gluten and sugar, along with dairy, are considered the top three most inflammatory foods).

So, that’s reason #1.

Here’s another reason to eliminate sugar: a yeast or bacterial overgrowth, such as Candida or SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth).

Typically, these not-so-friendly organisms like to take up residence in your digestive tract, where they can cause all kinds of problems, including system-wide inflammation.

While the presence of bacteria and yeast in your body is healthy and normal, and not something to eradicate completely, problems do crop up when they proliferate, or migrate to parts of your body where they shouldn’t be.

This in turn, can cause system-wide inflammation and a host of related symptoms.

Of course inflammation being what it is, more often than not, you won’t be aware of it.

It’s that subtle.

That’s because unlike a cut on your finger, which will become red and inflamed, or a broken rib, you can’t feel it.

Likewise, you also can’t see it!

So how are you to know?

While it’s true that your body will give you subtle hints that something is amiss, it can be really easy to overlook.

You even might think that your sense of what’s “normal” is everyone’s normal.

(Often, it isn’t).

Which brings me back to my main point: surviving an entire holiday season without so much as a speck of sugar.

Can it even be done?

Well, my friends, I’m about to find out!

Over the past five months, I’ve been valiantly trying to rid my body of a Candida infection.

And let me tell you – those little guys are stubborn, hanging on for dear life it seems. (They still haven’t disappeared).

So, here it’s December, the holidays are in full swing, and all I want to say is “Bah, humbug.”

(I just had to get that off my chest).

Then again, I’m the sort of person who usually rallies around fairly quickly.

And so, if I can’t consume any sugar just yet, or any of the more common alternate sweeteners like honey or coconut sugar – then I’m bound and determined to find something I can have.

I mean, Christmas without any cookies?

Without baking?

No way!

In my own family, we even have a holiday tradition (one that goes back to my childhood) where each family member gets their very own cookie plate, come Christmas morning.

Growing up, this was often the most exciting part of the holiday!

And you can be sure it’s one tradition I’m not about to give up  although I may need to get a big more creative this year.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll share with you the results of a recent “cookie” experiment.

Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for navigating life’s simple pleasures without sugar, of any kind – just know that I’m listening.

And thank you in advance for sharing!

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