Are You Starving?

hamburger with friesDo you ever have days when your cravings seem totally out of control?

Let’s say you’ve been gluten-free for awhile now, and you have no trouble sticking with that. You also try to steer clear of processed foods, and grains – either whole or refined – as much as possible.

Truth be told, you’re really proud of yourself for doing such an amazing job keeping your diet really ‘clean’!

But you’ve found there’s a catch.

If you decide to have a piece of gluten-free cake, you aren’t able to stop at just one slice.

If you buy potato chips, or bake cookies, you devour the entire bag (or batch) without skipping a beat. Chances are, you’re also REALLY hard on yourself afterwards, for caving to your cravings.

What’s going on?

In a nutshell, you could be starving!

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5 Simple Ways to Kick-Start Your Health

Almonds and avocado slicesSometimes it can feel downright overwhelming to get your health back on track!

You want to eat better – and you’ve tried – but despite your best efforts it still isn’t happening.

You try to go to bed earlier, but get sidelined watching a favorite late-night show on TV.

Or, you’re convinced that you do your best work late at night. (more on that later)

You have days, perhaps, when you really feel like crap – and that’s when you tell yourself (again) that you really, really need to get a handle on things.

We’ve all had days like that, right?

Yet even when you know better, it’s often hard to begin.

My advice?

Slow down. Take baby steps.

Pick one of the following, to start – yes, just 1! (After all, you have to start somewhere).


Jump-start your digestion

Hardly a day goes by, that I don’t hear another tip for what you absolutely MUST do first thing in the morning.

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5 Healthy Habits for Optimal Sleep

Baby AsleepMy clients are sometimes surprised to hear that I place so much emphasis on a good night’s sleep.

They wonder what sleep has to do with their food sensitivities and digestive health.

And that’s a great question!

When you think about the purpose of sleep, the primary role is to rest and repair – so that your body can function optimally come morning.

If you consistently go to bed too late, or wake up early, or your sleep is interrupted – your body can’t fully restore itself.

So you end up feeling sluggish and hungrier than usual, and start making poor food choices because your blood sugar is out of whack, and it’s all because you didn’t get enough sleep.

And yes – you might also gain weight!

(With a tendency to hang on to those extra pounds, no matter how hard you try to lose them).

Of course, nothing exists in a vacuum, and developing healthy sleep habits is just one part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

So pick one habit from the list below, and let’s get started!

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Are You Eating Backwards?

Dining OutManners aside, I’d never given much thought to whether I was eating “correctly” while growing up.

Meals were served to me three times a day, and I ate them dutifully.

This didn’t change much until 7th Grade, when I took my first Home Economics class.

(Back in those days, it was a requirement for all female students).

That’s when I first learned there were RULES to eating food.

Things like – it’s important to vary color throughout a meal, so you should never serve a meal that is “all-white” like chicken, white rice and cauliflower.

(I like to think that those first lessons on color have served me well as an interior designer).

We also learned the importance of including the four food groups at every meal – meat, dairy, grains, plus fruit and vegetables.

(My, how that one has changed!)

This was my introduction to the basics of nutrition, and many years later those early lessons have served me well.

However, the older I get, not only do the basic rules keep shifting, but new ones are introduced all the time.

For example, I now know that it’s perfectly OK to avoid dairy – even though it’s one of the basic food groups.

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How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

candlestick from the bedAt the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England – there is an enormous bed on display.

It always attracts a crowd.

The bed is known as the “Great Bed of Ware”.

What makes it so fascinating?

Well, for starters, it’s particularly ornate and extremely old.

And it really is LARGE.

In fact, it was known to have slept up to ten people at one time!

Odd as that may sound, back in the late 16th century this wasn’t so unusual.

You see, the idea of a separate bedroom as we know it today, did not exist yet.

In fact, people typically spent every aspect of their day in one room – eating, living and sleeping.

A bed was multi-purpose, as was pretty much all furniture, and easily transportable.

(Except for the Great Bed of Ware, I’d venture to guess).

And why so many people in one bed, you might be wondering?

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