January Is National Oatmeal Month

Oat FlourDid you know that January is National Oatmeal Month?

Perhaps that’s why I spotted this package of Gluten-Free Oat Flour during a recent shopping trip at Whole Foods.

At the time, I hesitated to purchase it – not knowing what I would use if for.

(My mind was a complete blank).

The very next day, I came across a recipe that required Oat Flour.


I just love how the Universe conspires in this way to bring things into perfect alignment.

Oat flour, by the way, is simply ground oats – if you own a Vitamix, you can even make your own.

Whether you are a lover of oatmeal, or enjoy baking with this unique flour – just make sure you are purchasing a brand that is clearly marked “gluten-free”.

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Celebrate Your Sensitivity

Woman with her arms wide openLet me ask you a question.

Has the following thought crossed your mind in recent weeks, while celebrating the holidays?

“I wish I could eat whatever I want – gluten included – and not have it impact my body!”

OK, let’s be honest here.

While that would be good news indeed, for most of us it isn’t the reality, is it?

Sure, it would be great – fantastic, even – to be able to eat gluten-containing foods again, but at the same time, doesn’t your body feel really good based on what you’ve chosen to eat instead?

I, for one, am not even wishing for a cure.


As daunting as it might be (especially in the beginning) the most impressive thing about Celiac Disease (and it’s sister condition “Non-Celiac Gluten-Sensitivity”) is that better health requires nothing more than changing your diet.

There are no medications to take. (Seriously – this is a good thing!)

No surgery is required.

Which is why I’m suggesting that you jump up and celebrate your sensitivity this holiday season.

Because being sensitive is NOT a bad thing!

Let me explain what I mean.


Sensitivity 101

When you react to something – whether it’s something you ate, or something in the environment – it’s your body’s way of communicating with you.

In short, your immune system only kicks in when it’s been triggered.

So, while you might feel uncomfortable in the moment – because of a headache, stomachache or other discomfort brought on by the offender – it’s only because your immune system is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

It’s trying to protect you!

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Breaking the Fast

SmoothieNot sure where to begin?

Why not start at the beginning?

The foundation of your day –  and your gluten-free lifestyle – is Breakfast.

The very fact that it’s your first meal of the day, is exactly why it’s so important!

Maybe you’ve always eaten breakfast, or maybe this concept is new to you.

Perhaps you’re one of those people who never eats first thing in the morning, or before noon.

I recently heard a nutritionist talk about the value of starting one’s day off right, simply by eating a regular meal.

That’s because adequate fuel is what gets you through the day.

She subsequently addressed the common dilemma of “but I don’t eat breakfast” by suggesting that you start small.

If that sounds like you, it might be a matter of changing your mindset.

Mindsets are powerful.

This is why, for most of us eating a Western diet (consisting of cereal, or eggs and bacon with a side of toast) might question what choices we have when eating gluten-free.

The answer is there’s still plenty to choose from – beginning with a great selection of gluten-free cereals.

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