Celebrating Easter -Gluten-Free!

Rough stroked easter eggsEaster Sunday is just around the corner.

Are you gearing up for a day of celebration, and the arrival of Spring weather?

Whether your Easter celebration is religious in nature, or a reason to gather with family and friends – this is one more occasion where the gluten-free among us might be wondering:

What is there to eat?

A perfect Spring feast might revolve around a roast lamb or chicken, with fresh asparagus and baby potatoes on the side.

So, the bigger issue, is really about dessert.


For the kiddies, there are Easter egg hunts and baskets full of chocolate goodies.

But what about us bigger kids?

If you’re gluten and dairy free, and craving chocolate, here are some suggestions to help you survive the holiday guilt-free.

This year, I ordered my chocolates from the Chocolate Girl over at Gnossis Chocolate.

Not only are these chocolates certified vegan and gluten-free – they’re sweetened with either coconut sugar or agave.

Oh – and they’re also free of soy!

(Soy lecithin appears in almost ALL commercial chocolates).

So what’s on my dessert table this year?

Well, as much as I love these Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies, I’m thinking of whipping up a batch of these egg-free Coconut Macaroons – from Ricki Heller over at Diet, Dessert & Dogs.

I think these look really good, don’t you?

Or, I might try these Raw Cookie Dough Truffles.

Decisions, decisions!

Then again, my go-to dessert is usually a bowl of Coconut Bliss Chocolate Ice Cream – either perfectly plain or topped with fresh berries.

If you’re dairy-free and haven’t tried this amazing ice cream yet, you’re in for a treat!

Now it’s your turn?

What’s your favorite treat for special occasions?

Have you converted your recipe to be allergen-friendly?

If not – what’s holding you back?

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