Is It Time For You To H.A.L.T?

Frustrated woman waiting for a phone call in Christmas kitchenThe holidays are upon us, and for many it’s the most challenging time of the year.

The heavy emphasis on love and joy, family togetherness and endless festivities can easily take you down, special diet or not.

Worse still, what if the holidays find you alone?

What if you’re dealing with a recent break-up, an illness, or worse still – a death in the family?

Can you relate?

While there’s no question these things are difficult any time of the year, the pain and heartache increases ten-fold during the month of December.

Yet the bigger issue is this: when you’re up against life’s challenges, do you still find time to take proper care of yourself?

How do you deal with those typical stressors we call ‘Life’, that will inevitably come your way?

This is where some mental gymnastics come into play – in the form of a self-coaching technique known as H.A.L.T.

It’s both simple and effective. (Read Dr. Daniel Amen’s full article here).

Before You Reach for Food, Use H.A.L.T.


Step #1: Ask yourself, am I:   Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?

Step #2: 

If you are Hungry, ask yourself: “Would I eat an apple right now?”

“Yes” = you are truly hungry

“No, I want cookies” = sugar craving

If you are Angry: Instead of eating, take a walk.

If you are Lonely: Instead of eating, call a friend.

If you are Tired: Instead of eating, take a nap

If your tendency is to crave something sweet during the proverbial afternoon slump – and to cave for said craving (whether or not you’re hungry) – that’s a sure sign of a sugar craving, too much of which could lead to yeast overgrowth or other health problems.

While you might feel better momentarily, chances are your sugary snack will impact both your blood sugar and mood, and leave you craving MORE!

Also worth noting is this: even if your choice for something sweet is free of refined sugar or carbohydrates, the end result can be the same – as the taste of sugar often begets more sugar. Meaning that even a stevia-sweetened treat can leave you wanting more! (I can personally attest to that one!)

As we move into the New Year, why not try on a new habit?

When you feel those cravings strike, take a moment to H.A.L.T.! Ask yourself – are you hungry? Are you lonely? Tired? Angry? Bored?

Maybe you’re just scared?

Taking time to reflect and explore what’s really going on, can lead you to making healthier choices.

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