Looking On The Bright Side

half full or emptyDo you ever have days where you get caught up in negative mindsets?

Days when everything that’s happening in your life takes on a “woe is me” persona – when you end up wondering if things could possibly get any worse?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but yes they can!

(Things can always get worse – that’s the unfortunate truth).

At the same time, I totally get that – when your mind is in a funk, it’s hard to see the silver lining.

(I know – I’ve been there, many a time!)

Yes, the mind will do what’s it going to do.

However, there are ways you can ‘train’ your mind – and trick it into looking at the bright side, and the many possibilities that are just waiting for you.

Here’s my suggestion:

The next time you’re having “one of those days” – see if you can step back and create a wider perspective.

Take a deep breath, and make the situation – whatever it is (short of devastating news) – all about the ‘Possibilities’.

For example, let’s say, you’ve just received a diagnosis.

You’ve learned you have Celiac Disease and you have to completely overhaul your diet.

You’re devastated. (Understandable, to be sure – it’s indeed overwhelming)

In the moment, you might not be thinking of this as a Gift in any way, shape or form.

Yet, here’s the thing.

If your symptoms had continued unabated – undiagnosed and untreated – you would eventually get sicker and sicker.

But now you have a chance to turn things around!

You might be worried about how these changes will impact your family – especially your kids.

You think they won’t like the ‘new’ food.

But what if, over time, those ‘new’ foods that you bring into your home are actually better for you?

  • What if it means less illness, and a better life for all concerned?
  • What if it means you’ll enjoy excellent health, well into your nineties?
  • What if it means your children and grandchildren can also enjoy a long and healthy life? 
  • What if this was a simple as cleaning up your diet and your environment – and protecting not only yourself, but everyone in your family?
  • What if your genes weren’t your destiny? (Hint:  They’re just part of the story).
  • What if dementia and debilitating old age were the exception, rather than the norm?
  • What if you had the power within you to control the outcome? (Hint:  You already do!)

I’m reminded of Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, when she learned she could have gone home any time – if only she’d taken advantage of her ruby slippers.

Can you think of a more amazing gift?

Now it’s your turn. 

Are you feeling a little more positive?

Are you able to picture the possibilities?

That’s what you want to create a container for!

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