P Is For Pearl Necklace

P - PEARL NECKLACEIf you’re anything like me, you probably believe that whole grains are incredibly good for you.

I used to think so myself!

Yet I’ve come to realize that whole grains aren’t quite what they’re cracked up to be (pardon the pun).


Gluten-filled grains such as wheat – along with just about any food that’s part of the plant kingdom – have their own built-in defense system.

While this doesn’t mean that all plant foods are bad for you, this chemical artillery IS the reason why gluten is difficult for ALL human beings to digest

In addition, compounds like lectin (one of many proteins that are present in wheat – along with gluten) can further exacerbate your symptoms. Because these substances are designed, by their very nature, to disrupt cellular communication – they can even contribute to leaky gut!

In P is for Pearl Necklace – I focus on the underlying mechanism related to gluten. (You might be surprised by what you learn) If nothing else, I guarantee it’s an eye-opener!

Hint: If you’re wondering what a pearl necklace could possibly have to do with gluten – or your health in general – it happens to be the perfect analogy for what’s really going on inside your body every.single.time you eat it.

The bottom line is this:  it could be you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t appear to have a sensitivity to gluten. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re completely out of harms way – especially if you’ve yet to be diagnosed. Diagnosed or not – gluten can indeed be toxic.

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