Setting You Up for Success

Woman with her arms wide openDoes this sound like you:

You often feel like less than a million bucks?

You have Celiac disease, a gluten- related disorder or food sensitivities?

Your doctor send you home, with nothing more than a few handouts and minimal instructions?

What I’ve come to realize over the past year, is that it really isn’t enough to simply remove gluten from the diet.

Cause let’s face it – by the time you got a diagnosis, you’re body had already been under assault for years, from the very foods you suddenly learned you were sensitive to.

So, it goes without question that, really, that you also need to repair some of that damage – and do your best to quiet down the inflammation inside of you.

Yet, the average person is given little more than minimal instructions, at the time of diagnosis – other than “Stop eating gluten.”

Sound familiar?

Sadly, this has become the #1 reason why only 30% of people with celiac disease heal on a gluten-free diet alone.

Simply put, there’s more work to be done! (Yet is anyone telling you this?)

Perhaps you also have a long list of food sensitivities?

Again, your experience is likely the same – being told little more at the time of diagnosis than “You’ll need to stop eating x,y or z”.

But is anyone taking the time to explain to you how to go about this?

Or how frustrating and challenging things can be, as you learn to navigate social situations and travel?

Even more important – have you ever wondered WHY you are having these problems in the first place?

WHY has your diet has become so restricted?

What the heck is going on in there?

Of course, my answer is always the same – there’s more work to be done!

It’s also possible that your health challenges are really none of the above – yet you have a long list of unexplained symptoms.

And if this describes you – I can say this much for sure:  “Whatever your signs and symptoms you can be sure there is an underlying cause”.

Yes – there’s more work to be done!

Understanding “what’s going on in there?” is the first step to getting well – and keeping age-related disease at bay.


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