T Is For Testing

T - TestingHave you been trying to get answers for your health issues?

Perhaps your doctor has told you there’s nothing wrong with you (translation: it’s all in your head).

Or perhaps he ran some tests for gluten sensitivity – only to have them come back negative (but you suspect otherwise).

You may have been given some pills, and a few words of advice, and sent home with little more than a pat on the back.

Your intuition is screaming “NO” to medication.

You know that something’s been overlooked – whether it’s coming from your diet, or something in your home you’ve yet to identify.

And it’s making you sick.

This is why running accurate Tests – as in T is for Testing – is so critical! It’s part of my on-going educational video series: “A Gluten Primer, Everything You Wanted to Know From A – Z”. (Check it out here).

I personally rely on two companies – Cyrex Labs, and Wheat Zoomer, from Vibrant Wellness. I choose these labs because of their advanced methods and highly accurate results.

Why am I so picky?

Because I know how easy it is to get a False Negative! (Meaning that something can appear to be false when it’s actually true – and might appear to be true when it’s actually false. This is what happens when you suspect that gluten is a problem for you – but your doctor runs labs, they come back negative and he then  tells you it’s OK to eat gluten and ‘go grab a whole wheat sandwich on your way home’.

This is WHY it’s so important to understand all the twists & turns when testing for gluten sensitivity!

To learn more, & receive the most up-to-date, in-depth information regarding all things related to Gluten SensitivityAutoimmune Disease, Inflammation & more – be sure to watch my educational video series “A Gluten Primer – Everything You Wanted to Know From A – Z“. It’s available FREE on my bi-weekly newsletter, but you can have immediate access to all 26 videos – plus a full, 2-hour Tutorial here.

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