R Is For Reintroduction

R - ReintroductionLet’s say you’ve been gluten-free awhile – and you’re feeling great.

But you’ve been hearing from friends, as well as online, that European wheat is somehow ‘safer’ – even though it still contains gluten.

Is there any truth to this?

In R Is For Reintroduction I explore this popular myth – that it’s OK to bring gluten-containing foods back into your diet, regardless of the circumstances.

I call this a myth because it’s so misleading.  

The reason WHY, is because your immune system has a Memory – especially for gluten. It doesn’t forget!

Once you start eating wheat again (and by default gluten) odds are high that ALL your symptoms will come back.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise – since you’d be reintroducing the very food that’s making you sick. (Especially true for autoimmune disease).

 In other words – you can’t be just “a little bit pregnant”.

You’re either sensitive or you’re not. Period. And your immune system will ALWAYS have the final say.

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The Book Of You

USA, J¸dische Familie im ExilA few years back, I wrote this.

The idea behind it was that all the bits and pieces of your life get woven not only into your memories, but also the very fabric of your home – using color, shape, furnishings and mementos to paint a picture – instead of words.

What I’ve come to realize, is that those same bits and pieces – indeed, the entire story of your life in all its shame and glory – has a huge impact on your health.

No matter how much you might try to deny it, these various threads of your life nonetheless parallel and influence each other – starting at birth, and continuing undiminished, until you take your last breath.

In short, everything matters!

Every bite you choose to eat, every action you take, every significant person who’s crossed your path – to the soup of environmental chemicals you might be exposed to along the way or how you manage stress.

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How To Take Care of Your Inner Child

PlayAs the year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect once again, on the past twelve months and assess how far you’ve come.

That means celebrating your successes, for sure!

Perhaps it also means, taking the time to reflect on your “inner child”! (i.e. the part of you that hasn’t quite grown up).

Because no matter your age or how many decades have whizzed by, you’re still “young at heart” – wouldn’t you agree? 

This is exactly why your inner child still needs your attention.

Lots of it!

So let me ask you:

Are you taking care of your “inner child”?

Here are 3 easy things you can do to give her the love she needs.
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The Alzheimer’s Myth

Aging Hands SmallDid you know that your genes do not determine your destiny?

That’s a super important distinction, by the way!

(Plus, there’s no one gene for Alzheimer’s Disease).

The genes that you’ve inherited are what they are, that’s true. But in no way does this mean that you are ‘doomed’.

This is due, in part, to epigenetics – a truly fascinating new area of research.

And what epigenetics means, is that – just because your grandparents, or your father or your mother, have struggled with dementia or cancer, or diabetes it does not mean the same thing will happen to you.

Not by a long shot!

So, if it isn’t about your genes – what determines the outcome?

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