Celebrating Easter -Gluten-Free!

Rough stroked easter eggsEaster Sunday is just around the corner.

Are you gearing up for a day of celebration, and the arrival of Spring weather?

Whether your Easter celebration is religious in nature, or a reason to gather with family and friends – this is one more occasion where the gluten-free among us might be wondering:

What is there to eat?

A perfect Spring feast might revolve around a roast lamb or chicken, with fresh asparagus and baby potatoes on the side.

So, the bigger issue, is really about dessert.


For the kiddies, there are Easter egg hunts and baskets full of chocolate goodies.

But what about us bigger kids?

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Love Is In the Air

Valentine’s Day is next week, which means a big focus on  showing the people you care about, how much you love and appreciate them.

A friend of mine pointed out that it is just as important to love and appreciate yourself – and that is so true!

Even better, was a suggestion I heard to give the gift of avoiding any sweets, whatsoever.

Simply because just about every store we walk into says that February 14 is a day for chocolate – is that really a must?

Well, I must admit I gave these suggestions considerable thought.

I’m all for showing myself some extra love and appreciation – along with my spouse.

I think that’s actually a lovely idea.

I also love the suggestion to honor Valentine’s Day some other way, something that does not involve chocolate, or sweets of any kind.

In the end, however, I decided that I’d rather have a little something sweet and chocolaty – in a healthy kind of way, I might add.

So, what will be on the dessert menu in my house?

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