Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini Fudge (2)The other night, I dreamed I was baking cookies.

Except these weren’t your typical cookies.

They were actually teeny tiny – as in miniature versions of the real thing.

And I was baking them in a teeny tiny, miniature oven, in a teeny tiny kitchen.

Because of the limited space, I kept knocking things over and making quite a mess, as you can imagine.

(Regular size people don’t fit real well in dollhouses).

Dreams are funny, this way, aren’t they?

And it’s not like I normally dream about cookies – or food.

I don’t!

However, I do collect miniatures, like what you see pictured here.

They look like the real thing, don’t they?

Since we’re on the subject of cookies, I decided it was time to share another cookie recipe.

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Can It Be Valentine’s Day Without Chocolate?

I can’t help but think that Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Of course, there ARE others ways to show people you love and appreciate them, without involving chocolate, or treats of any kind.

Just doing something nice for another person, or spending time together are a couple of things that come to mind.

And of course – it’s just as important to love and appreciate yourself!

In fact, if you’re someone who’s resolved to be kinder to themselves this year by eating less sugar – period – chances are you’re scrambling to find a scrumptious special occasion treat that is still good for you.

Is that even possible?

Of course!

At my house, I’m planning to make this fabulous Chocolate Mousse Pie – courtesy of my good friend Janelle Holden, owner of Body Mind Love.

(I’ve actually had the recipe for several months, and STILL haven’t gotten around to making it).

I may also have on hand some of my favorite Chocolate Truffles – just in case.

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