Do You Have Street Smarts?

Always Seek Knowledge AcronymWhen it comes to managing your special diet – do you have “Street Smarts”?

You might be wondering what I mean by this.

While not always easy to come by, Street Smarts means knowing how to handle just about any situation that comes along – especially when you find yourself tempted to stray.

It means knowing that when you’re harried and frustrated by circumstances beyond your control – or, well meaning folks who don’t seem to understand or care – you’re able to make an informed choice because you understand the long-term damage that can result from that one exposure, however small.

My newly released video series A Gluten Primer – Everything You Wanted to Know From A-Z explains well, literally everything – in a collection of 26-videos plus a 2-hour tutorial.

In a nutshell, though, here’s what it ultimately comes down to:


Knowing what foods are safe to eat

It all starts here.

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The Alzheimer’s Myth

Aging Hands SmallDid you know that your genes do not determine your destiny?

That’s a super important distinction, by the way!

(Plus, there’s no one gene for Alzheimer’s Disease).

The genes that you’ve inherited are what they are, that’s true. But in no way does this mean that you are ‘doomed’.

This is due, in part, to epigenetics – a truly fascinating new area of research.

And what epigenetics means, is that – just because your grandparents, or your father or your mother, have struggled with dementia or cancer, or diabetes it does not mean the same thing will happen to you.

Not by a long shot!

So, if it isn’t about your genes – what determines the outcome?

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