3 Common Myths of Environmental Toxins

GMOThere are lots of myths out there about environmental toxins, detoxing, and whether or not it’s even a necessary thing to worry about.

So, let’s jump right in and discuss these, one by one. (and be sure to check out the Special Invite at the very end...)



My Body Is Designed to Rid Itself of Toxins – Without Any Help From Me

This particular myth is, in part, true.

Your body is designed to detoxify it’s internal environment, and it accomplishes this task through various specific pathways:

  • Your Skin (i.e. sweat)
  • Your Digestive tract (i.e. elimination)
  • Your Kidneys
  • Your Liver

In fact, your liver is the powerhouse for the entire detoxification process.

However, it’s also where things can go wrong.

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The Environment & Your Symptoms – Is There A Mismatch?

The Nursery toy, gas mask, old watch on white background.10,000 years.

Does that seem like an eternity to you? If so, you’re not alone.

Yet, 10,000 years is the number most often quoted by doctors, scientists and other experts, when explaining why grains – especially wheat – are a relatively new addition to the human diet.

You might be thinking, “How can that be? Haven’t humans been eating grains for most of their existence?”

How can something so abundant, and so integral to your diet, be harmful?

It’s what we call an ‘evolutionary mismatch’.

In other words, much of our modern lifestyle is based on products and foodstuffs that the human body isn’t designed to digest or otherwise process.

This includes chemicals and a host of other modern ‘conveniences’ that, in the long run, do us more harm than good – even though societies have seemingly thrived on grains for thousands of years.

That said, there’s a lot of talk in the media these days about threats to the environment, and whether the EPA will survive our current political climate.

Without getting overly dramatic – or political – about this state of affairs, here are some simple steps you can take to protect your health.

Starting today!


Knowledge is Power

What if government oversight of the environment and our food supply were to disappear overnight? What then?

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So You Want to Get Healthy – Is Your Family On Board?

Signpost with the words Help, Support, Advice, Guidance and Assistance on the direction arrows, against a bright blue cloudy sky.

Signpost with the words Help, Support, Advice, Guidance and Assistance on the direction arrows, against a bright blue cloudy sky.

I often hear stories like this:

“We’re trying to rid the house of ants, but while I was looking for a safe, non-toxic treatment, my husband went out and bought an insecticide.

And he sprayed it all over. Am I totally screwed?”

Well, no – hopefully not.

As long as this isn’t a daily thing, or you’re not sleeping in the same room that you sprayed in.

More to the point, this kind of conflict crops up all the time in relationships, and it isn’t always easy to resolve.

The next question, of course – and it’s a reasonable one – is this:

What if your spouse, or significant other, DOES think you’re totally nuts for wanting to eat organic foods?

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My Favorite Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie Extra SmallIt’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe, so I decided this week that a new smoothie recipe was definitely in order.

Especially since I’ve been drinking this just about every day!

(It occurred to me – why not share?)

I created this filling and refreshing drink several weeks ago, and have since dubbed it my “Favorite Green Smoothie”.

(The days that I don’t drink this – whether I ran out of the ingredients, or just didn’t have time – I feel like something’s missing). 

So what’s so special about this particular smoothie?

Well, everyone is different, of course, so what seems special to me might not seem so wonderful to the next person.

Since I like my meals and snacks to be both satisfying and nutritious – this more to do, perhaps, with how I might feel afterwards.

You see, a smoothie is very easy on the digestion. (For anyone with compromised digestion, this is often the way to go).

It’s also an excellent way to get your daily dose of greens – along with an amazing array of nutrients, antioxidants and fiber.

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10 Americans – A Gem Of A Video

Pile of PancakesOK, that image might be a bit misleading, but bear with me here.

(There actually IS a large pancake stack in this wonderful video I’m about to share with you – titled “10 Americans).

Over the past year, I’ve been working with an Environmental Toxins Expert – learning as much as I can about the home environment in particular and the many little things we can do to create change.

(As a former interior designer, with an eye on Green Design – this was right up my alley!)

That’s why, whenever possible, I like to broaden the conversation – so that we’re not just talking about food sensitivities, but understanding that other environmental factors can also impact our health.

Just to share an example – did you know that the average female consumer uses a dozen personal care products every day (which may, or may not contain gluten)? And that those products alone, contain in the neighborhood of 168 different chemicals?

(Men use about half as many products – containing 85 different chemicals, or so.)

Either way you look at it, that’s a lot!

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