Y Is for Yeast

Y - YEASTAs the year draws to a close, A Gluten Primer – Everything You Wanted to Know From A-Z is also nearing the end.

That’s right, I’ve been sharing all 26 videos with you throughout the year – & I’m happy to say it’s been a blast.

But wait – there’s still two more!

In today’s installment, we have Y Is for Yeast.

Not too exciting, I know, but consider for a moment that yeast figures rather prominently this time of year – whether in your baked goods, or all the sugary treats you inhale.

I don’t talk much about sugar in this video series, but one complication from a high sugar diet is an infection known as Candida, (basically an overgrowth of yeast). If your tendency is to crave something sweet during the proverbial afternoon slump – and to cave for said craving (whether or not you’re hungry) – that’s a sure sign of a sugar cravingtoo much of which could lead to the before-mentioned yeast overgrowth or other health problems.

With that in mind, be sure to watch “Y is for Yeast

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