D is for Donut

D - Dining Out

As always, I’m here to teach you about all things gluten – including certain environmental toxins you might not have thought about before.

Yes, food is part of your environment!

In this #4 video of my new series:  “A Gluten Primer, Everything You Wanted to Know From A – Z” – we’re exploring the biggest social challenge of all:

Dining Out!

If you’ve already been doing this while, then it isn’t news to you that knowing how to navigate the social landscape when living a gluten-free, allergen-free lifestyle can be especially hard. And no surprise – it’s often the one area where people cave, despite their best intentions.

Why is this important?

If your goal is to minimize your symptoms and turn your health around – it all starts with what you’re putting into your body. Understand, too, that what works for one person, might not be the best thing for you – no matter how seemingly healthy it might be.

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How to Stay Gluten-Free & Still Be the Most Popular Person at the Potluck


This week, I’m excited to announce another Guest Blogger and friend of mine – Janelle Holden, President & Founder of The Gluten Free Life Coach. You can read more about her by scrolling to the bottom of this post – but be sure to read the article first, as Janelle shares some excellent advice on How to Be the Most Popular Person at the Potluck! 

Last month my mother’s best friend spoke the six words I dread hearing the most at a potluck.

“I made this special for you!”

With a deep smile she delivered into my hands a “special” bowl of creamed corn bread casserole that had been made without dairy. I looked at the pretty concoction and noted it contained at least three other ingredients that I do not eat: Corn, wheat flour, and sugar.

I looked up and smiled.

“Thank you!” I said. “That’s really kind of you.”

And it was. Clearly, she had made an effort on my behalf because I have food sensitivities. She wanted to make me feel included in the gathering.

But, there was no way in hell I was going to eat that corn bread casserole.  I would be sick for days if I ate even a small bite, and as much as I loved her, I wasn’t about to get sick to please her.

The tricky part was telling her that.


What Happened Next

At first I thought I could simply admire the dish from my place setting and not say a word. After all, I had given her thanks, hadn’t I? I didn’t really need to tell her that I wouldn’t be eating it.  Maybe she wouldn’t notice I wasn’t eating it.

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Asian Noodle Salad

I got tripped up this past week.

Chances are, this has likely happened to you somewhere along the way.

Just when you feel you’ve really gotten the hang of things, and are feeling confident about your gluten-free diet – out of nowhere you discover you’ve unintentionally slipped up.

Perhaps you innocently ate some licorice, not realizing that wheat lurks therein.

Perhaps a previously ‘safe’ food sneaked in a new ingredient on the labeling, and unbeknownst to you – that new ingredient contains either gluten or another allergen.

It can happen so easily.

And it can happen to anyone, even those of us who’ve gotten this down to a science, and are very much aware of all the potential traps and pitfalls.

People like myself.

The other day, while browsing through my stash of cookbooks, I happened upon a delicious sounding recipe for a Chinese Noodle Salad  – which I’ve included at the end of today’s post.

Of course, I’ve adapted this somewhat from the original.

I made this a few nights ago for dinner, and thought it was a delicious addition to my repertoire.

Yet, after the meal I suddenly felt extremely congested.

My nose was so stuffy I could hardly breathe, but I didn’t have a cold.

Must have been something I ate, I thought.

Next morning, my sinuses were still telling me that something was up. I had a slight headache, but I was still clueless.

It was until I’d helped myself to another serving of the Chinese Noodle Salad, and my husband commented on how congested I sounded and wondered what was wrong – that I decided, OK, enough – and knew I had to get to the bottom of it.

What was in the salad that was making me sick?

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