Your Body’s Wisdom – Invitation or Threat?

Woman having migraine headache.“Symptoms are a signal from the body that it is imbalanced, in distress, or in need of support.”

Kelly Brogan, MD


Your body has it’s own innate inner wisdom.

In other words, with a little help from you – it has the ability to heal (you just need to give it what it needs).

How do you know what your body needs most?

You listen!

What signs and symptoms are your experiencing? How debilitating are they? Are you in pain, or is it more of a nagging discomfort that keeps you from enjoying your life to it’s fullest?

In order to heal, your symptoms – however annoying in the moment – are your best clues.

Dr. Kelly Brogan goes on to say this: “Sometimes a symptom is even a sign that the body is taking care of a stressor for you and you don’t need to do a damn thing about it but wait and watch. A fever is like this. Labor pains are like this. Diarrhea from that spoiled Mexican food you ate is like this.”

Your symptoms – be it a headache, migraine or intense stomach pains (to name just a few) are how your body communicates with you!

What this means for you, is listening, rather than fighting – even though the pain is very real – as these are signs (very clear ones at that) something’s amiss in your body. It’s your job is to figure out what exactly that something is!

You can treat the symptoms, of course.

There are plenty of medications, both prescription and over-the-counter. Who hasn’t resorted to Tylenol for a headache or fever, antacid for acid reflux or cold medication to treat your sniffles?IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: Have you ever noticed the fine print on the Warning Label? It’s there to remind you there’s an increased risk for heart disease, stroke, and damage to your GI tract – based on short-term use.

With that in mind, here’s what I suggest instead:

Rather than think of your symptoms as a nuisance, the unpleasant side effects of which need to be masked with medication – consider the deeper message that your body is sending you. Know that any medication ONLY has the ability to MASK your symptoms (i.e. pain) so you feel better – and while that’s perfectly understandable, it’s not a cure.

Your job is to determine the underlying cause. (There’s always, always a root cause.) I realize that’s a big job, potentially overwhelming, and not always easy to figure out. (To promise otherwise would be misleading.)

Take gluten sensitivity, for example.

Did you know that gluten sensitivity alone has been linked to over 300 different symptoms or conditions in the body?

In this case, the root cause goes back to your diet and an under-functioning (over-taxed) immune system.

Your immune system, after all, is there to protect you; it’s fighting your inner battles day in and day out – constantly scanning your inner terrain for potential threats.

And one of the biggest threats can definitely come from your diet.

So let me ask you this:

What if your symptoms – however painful or distressing they might be – were actually an invitation from your body to take a closer look?

An invitation to explore what might be out of balance in your body, or your life.

An invitation to set things right and become the vital person you were meant to be? Click here to learn more.

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