Do You Have Street Smarts?

Always Seek Knowledge AcronymWhen it comes to managing your special diet – do you have “Street Smarts”?

You might be wondering what I mean by this.

While not always easy to come by, Street Smarts means knowing how to handle just about any situation that comes along – especially when you find yourself tempted to stray.

It means knowing that when you’re harried and frustrated by circumstances beyond your control – or, well meaning folks who don’t seem to understand or care – you’re able to make an informed choice because you understand the long-term damage that can result from that one exposure, however small.

My newly released video series A Gluten Primer – Everything You Wanted to Know From A-Z explains well, literally everything – in a collection of 26-videos plus a 2-hour tutorial.

In a nutshell, though, here’s what it ultimately comes down to:


Knowing what foods are safe to eat

It all starts here.

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How to Step Into Your Power

superheroDo you have days when you feel frustrated and overwhelmed?

As if your life is simply out of control?

Truth is, we all have days like this.

In fact, I’d venture to say it’s a fact of life, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

Just think how easy it is to get sidetracked by work and family and outside obligations!

Unfortunately, this often means there isn’t enough time for YOU.

Well, it’s time to take back your power, my friend!

That’s right.

I’m putting YOU back in command!

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How to Read a Recipe

In the spirit of this week’s Independence Day holiday, I’m delighted to announce a guest blogger, and good friend of mine, Jennifer McClanahan-Flint.

Real quick, though, I want to share just a few tips for your holiday celebration – so you can enjoy your summertime barbecues without feeling left out.

First, if you’re wondering where to find gluten-free hamburger and hotdog buns, check out these suggestions:

Little Aussie Bakery

Udi’s Gluten-Free

Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery

Second, if you find yourself sharing a summertime grill with gluten-loving family members or friends, be sure to save a safe spot on the grill for yourself – so your food won’t be contaminated from things like pesky bread crumbs.

Third, if you’re feeling inspired and want to tackle a recipe or two – be sure to keep reading as Jen shares her expertise on How To Read a Recipe.

Wishing you a safe & happy 4th!


How to Read a Recipe

By Jennifer McClanahan-Flint

Have you ever started cooking a recipe for dinner and realized halfway through that it needs to simmer for 2 hours and you only have 30 minutes until dinner? Or worse, you are near the end of a recipe and realize you are missing a vital ingredient. It has happened to all of us and it usually happens at the worst time.

Many of us are so busy, we quickly scan recipes in cookbooks and online, and decide we want to make them without paying close attention to all the details. This guide is designed to help you effectively read and follow a recipe.

1.  Before you start, read the recipe from beginning to end so there are no surprises. Pay attention to the details so you can gauge the time you need to complete the recipe.

2.  Most recipes start with the ingredient list. Ingredients are listed in the order in which they are used.

3. Inventory your pantry, refrigerator and/or freezer for all the necessary ingredients in the ingredient list, or have appropriate substitutions on hand.

4. Set out all the required equipment, eg. measuring spoons, food processor, knives, cutting boards.

5.  Place all the ingredients and required equipment within easy reach before you start to prepare your dish.

6.  Measurements in baking are critical, not as much for cooking. But you should always use accurate measuring utensils, not the spoons or cups that you use for eating or drinking.

  • Tbsp = Tablespoon
  • Tsp = Teaspoon
  • Oz  = Ounce
  • C = Cup

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The Joy of Comfort Food

Back in the day, girls were required to take Home Economics classes, otherwise referred to as ‘Home Ec’, for short.

These classes were devoted to learning the mysteries of both cooking and sewing, the belief being that every proper young woman must have basic knowledge in both areas.

If I remember correctly, this began in Junior High School.

And so it passed, that my first sewing project produced an apron that was to be worn regularly during subsequent cooking classes.

Still etched in my memory, is my one of my earliest cooking assignments – to prepare my very first, complete meal from scratch.

Of course, back then, my idea of the perfect meal was my childhood favorite – Tuna Casserole.

And even though my tastes have changed over the years & definitely matured – there are still times when nothing will quite satisfy like good old Tuna Casserole.

It may no longer be my all-time favorite, but for me, it’s still the ultimate comfort food.

Ah, comfort.

It’s what makes us feel good, when things are maybe not going quite as planned.

It’s the familiarity of a favorite food, a favorite chair, or a favorite book.

It’s a memory, perhaps, something that takes us back to childhood.

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