How to Look 20, When You’re Well Past 50 (60, Even)

HedbergWEB Color KK32 CROPA few days ago, a friend whom I hadn’t seen in awhile exclaimed that I looked about 20.

Of course, I was pleasantly surprised and secretly quite pleased – to hear this.

After all, it isn’t exactly easy to pass for 40 years younger than your actual age!

“What about my gray hair?” I asked her, thinking that was a dead give-away.

She brushed that aside, saying it didn’t mean a whole lot.

Well, OK then.

Of course, I don’t think I really look like a 20 year old. (When I look in the mirror, I’m as critical as the next person).

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How To Get The Support You Need

Last weekend, I attended a cooking class titled “Eating Around the Top 8 Allergens”.

In case you’re not familiar, the usual list typically includes the following:

Wheat                                      Dairy

Eggs                                        Peanuts

Soy                                          Tree Nuts

Fish                                         Shellfish

Sometimes – depending on the source – you will see foods like Corn on the list, as well.

Notice how every single one of these foods – with the exception perhaps of Fish & Shellfish – is pervasive in our diets.

We’re not always aware of this, until the day we are told to no longer eat Gluten or Dairy.

Then we find out that ingredient is seemingly in everything!

So, the goal of this class – according to the description – was to “demystify food allergies and introduce us to a world  of delicious, non-allergenic foods.”

It didn’t matter whether you were recently diagnosed, or living with allergies for awhile.

I fell into the latter category, of course, and was struck by two things during the two and a half hours I spent in the classroom.


There are Always Fabulous New Ideas and Solutions.

Yes, even when you’re feeling down in the dumps, and possibly deprived as a result of your food restrictions – there are always new possibilities just around the corner.

As long as you are open-minded, you will not only glean new ideas, but most likely discover new foods that you may or may not have know existed.

You might even find that certain foods you disdained in the past can be quite delicious when properly prepared.

All this is to say:


There Is Strength in the Classroom

Misery loves company, as the saying goes.

But when you surround yourself with people who are in the same boat you are, you will be a lot less miserable.

That is why I encourage you to seek out local support groups, and even attend a class or two that is focused on dealing with food allergies.

Our local co-op even holds store tours for those on the Gluten-Free diet – so you never know what resources might be available to you in your area.

Personally, I love the synergy from being among a like-minded group of people who have similar needs.

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