How to Look 20, When You’re Well Past 50 (60, Even)

HedbergWEB Color KK32 CROPPicture this.

A friend whom I hadn’t seen in awhile, exclaimed upon seeing me – that I looked about 20.

Of course, I was pleasantly surprised and secretly quite pleased to hear this.

After all, it isn’t exactly easy to pass for 40 years younger than your actual age!

“What about my gray hair?” I asked her, thinking that was a dead give-away.

She brushed that aside, saying it didn’t mean a whole lot.

Well, OK then.

Of course, I doubt that I REALLY look like a 20 year old. (When I look in the mirror, I’m as critical as the next person).
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How To Massage Your Greens

Kale SaladDid you know you could massage your food?

Yes, it’s true!

I first learned of this technique several years ago, when I was new to eating kale salads – or kale anything, for that matter.

What intrigued me, was how infinitely more tender this salad was, than the kale salads I typically made at home.

I happened to be dining at one of my favorite gluten-free restaurants – Posana Cafe in Asheville, NC. (Yes, this is a long way from home, but it’s worth the trip, in my opinion since their Kale Salad is the absolute best).

But what had the restaurant done to make the salad so tasty?

Before too long, I learned about “massaging” your greens, and quickly realized this was the exact same process the restaurant had used to perfect their kale salad.

The sky’s the limit here, by the way – you’re not limited to kale.

Just about any greens can be massaged – chard, spinach, collards, arugula, lettuce – you name it.

Why the focus on Greens?

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Let’s Chew On This

Bread CrustDid your grandmother (or a parent) ever admonish you to adequately chew your food?

(In my husband’s family, his grandmother had a hard and fast rule to chew each bite exactly 33 times).

Well, it turns out your grandmother was right!

Chewing your food thoroughly is a critical part of the digestive process, priming your stomach and your digestive juices for the task ahead.

Not only that, this entry point – i.e. your mouth – is also where the Gut-Brain connection happens.

Translation – your gut and your brain are so closely connected, that the gut is often referred to as your “second brain”.

In fact, proper chewing does all of the following for your body:

  • Helps to eliminate gas and bloating (gluten sensitivity, anyone?)
  • Helps to eliminate abdominal pain
  • Helps to reduce the load on the rest of your digestive system
  • Actually helps with weight loss!


Are you curious about the last one?

Properly chewing your food can actually help with weight loss (and weight maintenance) simply because you’ll end up feeling satisfied on less food!

So, here’s the thing.
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Looking for the Perfect Thirst-Quencher?

Did you know that adding probiotics to your diet is a great way to support your digestive health?

Of course, there are so many probiotics on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

As always, I recommend that your consult with your health practitioner, for any kind of medical advice.

In the meantime, this Sparkling Probiotic Drink from Kevita could be just the thing you need – especially as the weather starts to warm up.

As an occasional treat, I like anything that offers a built-in nutritional boost – especially the Mojita Lime flavor!

The fact that it’s sweetened with Stevia is another big plus! (Be sure to check the label though – some of these drinks do contain sugar, and I wouldn’t want to steer you wrong).

You can find these at any health food store, your nearest Whole Foods, or even on Amazon.


Note: The links in this article are affiliate links, which means, in a nutshell, that should you choose to buy – everyone benefits.