3 More Environmental Toxin Myths Debunked

Composition with plastic bottles of mineral waterThere are lots of myths circulating about environmental toxicants, detoxing, and whether or not it’s even a necessary thing to worry about.

You can read Part I of this conversation here.

I like to be thorough, if nothing else – leaving no stone unturned!



MYTH #4 – I’ve Already Switched to BPA-Free Plastic

That’s wonderful – you’re already ahead of the curve!

Unfortunately, I fell for the exact same marketing spin when I first learned about BPA in plastic.

I went out and bought all new plastic containers – looking for the tell-tale stickers that said “BPA-Free”.

I thought I was safe.

But guess what?

Manufacturers are smart. They know to replace BPA with something else – other chemicals with names like BPF, or BPS.

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The Alzheimer’s Myth

Aging Hands SmallDid you know that your genes do not determine your destiny?

That’s a super important distinction, by the way!

(Plus, there’s no one gene for Alzheimer’s Disease).

The genes that you’ve inherited are what they are, that’s true. But in no way does this mean that you are ‘doomed’.

This is due, in part, to epigenetics – a truly fascinating new area of research.

And what epigenetics means, is that – just because your grandparents, or your father or your mother, have struggled with dementia or cancer, or diabetes it does not mean the same thing will happen to you.

Not by a long shot!

So, if it isn’t about your genes – what determines the outcome?

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Are Your Genes Talking to You?

WheatDid you know that your genes are constantly talking to you?

Not only that, you’re also talking to your genes through every choice you make, and every decision.

Especially when it comes to diet and lifestyle!

How’s that even possible?

Truth is, you can’t change the genes that you were born with.

However, you do have the ability to control how your genes are “expressed”.

What does that mean?

Throughout a typical day, the foods you choose to eat, the amount of sleep or exercise you get and any number of things that you might be exposed to, are signaling to your genes.

They’re having a conversation.

And these signals, or triggers, are either turning your genes “on” – or “off”.

Pretty cool, huh?

But what does this have to do with the health of your gut, not to mention your sensitivity to gluten and other foods?

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