3 Common Myths of Environmental Toxins

GMOThere are lots of myths out there about environmental toxins, detoxing, and whether or not it’s even a necessary thing to worry about.

So, let’s jump right in and discuss these, one by one. (and be sure to check out the Special Invite at the very end...)



My Body Is Designed to Rid Itself of Toxins – Without Any Help From Me

This particular myth is, in part, true.

Your body is designed to detoxify it’s internal environment, and it accomplishes this task through various specific pathways:

  • Your Skin (i.e. sweat)
  • Your Digestive tract (i.e. elimination)
  • Your Kidneys
  • Your Liver

In fact, your liver is the powerhouse for the entire detoxification process.

However, it’s also where things can go wrong.

That’s because your liver can “only handle so much”.

You and I live in a time when all of us – without exception – are exposed to numerous environmental toxins on a daily basis. (Many of which we have little control over).

And the liver has a very hard time keeping up.

In other words, your liver is often on “overload”.

For this reason, it does need outside help.

Here’s What You Can Do:  

Change often begins with cleaning up your Diet & getting a good night’s Sleep. (It’s really that simple, and yes – sleep is really that important!)



I Take Part in a Juice Cleanse Twice a Year – Isn’t That Enough?

Hey, that’s great!

But it still isn’t enough.

That’s because a dietary detox only addresses what you’re eating.

And – while it’s certainly a very good thing to temporarily remove pro-inflammatory foods like gluten and sugar from your diet, it doesn’t take into account the rest of your environment.

In other words, the air you breathe, the toiletries and cosmetics that you put on your skin – even the new carpet that you’ve installed in your living room.

Not to mention what has all the delicious, healthy food you’re eating actually been stored in?

And was the food organic?

A true Detox, my friend, needs to look at everything.

Here’s What You Can Do:

Start small, by introducing organic produce into your diet wherever possible. Check out EWG’s Lists of the Dirty Dozen & Clean 15.



The Dose is The Poison 

This happens to be one of the biggest myths ever.

What this is saying, is that you’d really have to expose yourself to an awful lot of chemicals, for it to ever become a serious issue.

In other words, “a little bit can’t hurt”.

Au contraire, my friend – yes it can!

Let’s think about this a minute.

When you have a headache, you take one or two aspirin, or Tylenol, knowing that just two tablets will do the trick – right? (In other words, even though your average medication delivers an infinitesimally small amount of that particular drug into you bloodstream, it’s still effective).

As another example, think of a smoker’s patch designed to help you quit smoking, or even a birth control pill. (The latter especially, is teeny tiny.)

The entire pharmaceutical industry is actually based on this model!

We can take this a step further, and look at the numerous amounts of chemicals you might be exposed to throughout the day.

Trust me, by day’s end it does add up.

One more thing:  the vast majority of these chemicals are known to be hormone disrupting. This means they mess with every other hormone in your body and also contribute to gain weight!

You read that correctly.

To add insult to injury, these very same hormone-disrupting chemicals are often lipophilic, as well. That means they love, love, love your fat cells – and will happily reside there, indefinitely.

As you can see, the dose is indeed, the poison.

Here’s What You Can Do:

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