3 Common Myths of Environmental Toxins

GMOThere are lots of myths out there about environmental toxins, detoxing, and whether or not it’s even a necessary thing to worry about.

So, let’s jump right in and discuss these, one by one.



My Body Is Designed to Rid Itself of Toxins – Without Any Help From Me

This particular myth is, in part, true.

Your body is designed to detoxify it’s internal environment, and it accomplishes this task through various specific pathways:

In fact, your liver is the powerhouse for the entire detoxification process.

However, it’s also where things can go wrong.

That’s because your liver can “only handle so much”.

You and I live in a time when all of us – without exception – are exposed to numerous environmental toxins on a daily basis. (Many of which we have little control over).

And the liver has a very hard time keeping up.

In other words, your liver is often on “overload”.

For this reason, it does need outside help.


Here’s What You Can Do:  

Change often begins with cleaning up your Diet & getting a good night’s Sleep. (It’s really that simple, and yes – sleep is really that important!)



I Take Part in a Juice Cleanse Twice a Year – Isn’t That Enough?

Hey, that’s great!

But it still isn’t enough.

That’s because a dietary detox only addresses what you’re eating.

And – while it’s certainly a very good thing to temporarily remove pro-inflammatory foods like gluten and sugar from your diet – it doesn’t take into account the rest of your environment.

In other words – the air you breathe, the toiletries and cosmetics that you put on your skin – even the new carpet that you’ve installed in your living room.

Not to mention – what has all the delicious, healthy food you are eating actually been stored in?

And was it organic?

A true Detox, my friend, needs to look at everything.


Here’s What You Can Do: 

Start small, by introducing organic produce into your diet wherever possible. Check out EWG’s Lists of the Dirty Dozen & Clean 15.



The Dose is The Poison 

This happens to be one of the biggest myths ever.

What this is saying, is that – you’d really have to expose yourself to an awful lot of chemicals, for it to ever become a serious issue.

In other words, “a little bit can’t hurt”.

Au contraire, my friend – yes it can!

Let’s think about this a minute.

When you have a headache, you take one or two aspirin, or Tylenol, knowing that just two tablets will do the trick – right?

(Even though your average medication delivers an infinitesimally small amount of that particular drug into you bloodstream, it’s still effective).

Or, think of a smoker’s patch – to help you quit smoking, or even a birth control pill. (The latter especially, is teeny tiny.)

The entire pharmaceutical industry is actually based on this model!

We can take this a step further, and look at the numerous amounts of chemicals you might be exposed to throughout the day.

Trust me, by day’s end it does add up.

One more thing:  the vast majority of these chemicals are known to be hormone disrupting – which means they mess with every other hormone in your body and even contribute to gain weight!

You read that correctly – to add insult to injury, these very same hormone-disrupting chemicals are often lipophilic, as well.

That means they love, love, love your fat cells – and will happily live there, indefinitely.

As you can see, the dose is indeed, the poison.


Here’s What You Can Do:

Consider working with a Health & Lifestyle Coach to learn the ABC’s of environmental & dietary toxins, and really nip this in the bud!


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