3 Things About Your Birth You Likely Never Thought About

Mothers dayIf you’re 40 or older, you might be thinking “Isn’t it a bit late for me?”

Or, “Why should I care?”

So yes, it might seem like it’s a bit late.

But here’s a few sobering facts:

  • The odds of acquiring an autoimmune disease later in life, are directly linked to what you were exposed to in your mother’s womb
  • Cord blood from newborns is routinely shown to contain high levels of toxic chemicals
  • Children born today have a shorter life expectancy

So again, what does any of this have to do with you, given your current age?

Well, those toxic chemicals?

They reside in all of us – young and old.

(It’s a fact of modern life).

It’s also why I love to suggest ways you can reduce your environmental exposure – especially in the privacy of your home.

It’s one of the easiest things you can do for yourself!

Of course, there’s also your children to think about – especially if they’ve yet to start a family of their own.

And what about your grandchildren?

Interestingly enough, a woman’s pregnancy affects three generations at the same time.

How’s that even possible?

Well, here’s the generational breakdown:

  • The current generation, i.e. the woman who’s pregnant
  • Her offspring, i.e. the baby about to be born
  • The future children of those offspring

Does that last one surprise you?

It turns out that your reproductive organs are already fully developed at birth – which means that, a baby girl for example, will already have all her eggs in place at the time she’s born.

And that means the genetic code of her future children, i.e. that third generation, 20 years or so in the future – will already be set.

Pretty fascinating, don’t you think?

While awareness of what could be done differently from the get-go, is of course, huge – what happens if you’re already well past your childbearing years?

The way I see it, it’s actually never too late to turn things around.

Meaning – you’re never too young or too old to begin!

Of course, you might need to dig in your heels a bit, and get right to work.

But that’s the beauty of working with a health coach – someone who will be there with you every step of the way, showing you exactly how to create new habits.

And get the results that you want!

Simply by cleaning up your diet, and your immediate environment – you’ll be able to create a much healthier outcome for all concerned.

Are you ready to join me?

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