Is Removing Gluten Always The Answer?

gluten free word with wood backgroundShould you remove gluten from your diet?

I get asked this question a lot.

And the short answer is “It depends”.

It depends on what’s going on in your body.

It depends on the signs and symptoms you’re experiencing.

And it also depends on your test results!

Of course, if your tests come back negative, then you’re in the clear – at least for the time being – more on that later.

But it’s super important that you get the RIGHT tests!

And you don’t want to stop there, either.

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Are You A Toxic Mess? (What’s Your Body Burden?)

Many empty tube blod for blood test screeningEver wonder if you’ve got harmful chemicals in you?”

I don’t blame you for being curious! Especially if you’re feeling challenged by:

  • Excess weight
  • Digestive issues
  • Any number of mysterious aches & pains

On the heels of our recent exploration into Internet “fact or fiction” – including the myth that chemicals can be absorbed into your skin in 26 seconds flat – answering this question means taking the conversation a bit further.

As you know by now, chemicals CAN find their way into you through many different pathways – either from:

  • your food
  • personal care products
  • cleaning supplies
  • home furnishings
  • pesticides
  • …& more

And there ARE specific kinds of tests that can determine your overall chemical load – some of which you might have heard about some of, such as urine or hair analysis.

That said, are you familiar with Body Burden testing?

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