The Alzheimer’s Myth

Aging Hands SmallA few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend who was speaking of her aging mother who was showing clear signs of dementia.

She explained further, that the family had just moved her into a retirement home.

I mentioned the tendency we have, as a society, to believe this is simply what happens as we age – that it’s normal for your body to fall apart.

Or, that you might lose your mental faculties completely.

“Well, it certainly SEEMS to be increasingly normal” she said in response.

“It’s COMMON, yes” I answered, “But it’s not normal.” (I could see the ‘light bulb’ go off, as I spoke those words.)

It’s an important distinction, by the way – as you’re talking about two very different things!

Bottom line:  It’s your behaviors that matter more than anything.

By that, I mean your diet, and your lifestyle (managing stress, exercise, plenty of sleep) as well as reducing your exposure to environmental toxins as much as possible – especially in your home.

It’s NOT only about your genes! (Scientists have known this already, for close to 20 years!)

In other words, your genes do NOT determine your destiny!

It’s your behaviors and whatever bad habits you acquired over the years – you’re only human after all – that ultimately determine the outcome.

The genes that you’ve inherited are what they are, that’s true.

But in no way does this mean that you are ‘doomed’ from the get-go.

This is due to epigenetics – a truly fascinating new area of research. (For more on epigenetics, check out this fun little video)

What epigenetics means, is that – just because your grandparents, or your father or your mother, have struggled with dementia or cancer, or diabetes – it does not mean the same thing will happen to you. 

Not by a long shot!

So, if it isn’t about your genes – what determines the outcome?

Great question! And no surprise, the answer is simple and straight-forward.

Cleaning up your diet, along with some of the not-so-great habits and behaviors that have become part of your lifestyle, addressing environmental triggers in and around your home – all these

things impact your health in both good ways and bad.

This is, in effect, what will act on your genes, (independently and collectively), either turning them “on” or “off”.

Turn a ‘bad’ gene ‘on’ – or a ‘good’ gene ‘off’ – and you’ll end up old and sick.

Turn a ‘bad’ gene ‘off’ – or a ‘good’ gene ‘on’ – and you can enjoy good health into your 90’s.

This is how your genes get “expressed”, and how your unique genetic code (i.e. your genome) is determined.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting.

Once those genes are turned “on” (good or bad) – you’re also influencing the genetic code that will be passed on to the next generation.

That’s right – your children and grandchildren.

How cool is that? 

The thing about chronic disease – it’s become so common, we think it’s a normal part of getting older.

But that simply isn’t true.

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