Is Detox A 4-Letter Word?

Bathroom ScaleWe’re just a few days into the New Year, and hardly a day goes by that I don’t come across an email or Facebook post advocating a full body Detox or Cleanse.

The general idea is to undo the damage from all the holiday indulgence.

(I even offer an Extreme Kitchen Makeover – not quite the same thing, but a detox just the same.)

So, what’s the point of a Detox, anyway?

Is this just some “new agey” thing?

Why would the human body even need to detox? And what exactly are you detoxing from?

Well, I admit, I’ve been among those to roll their eyes in the past, at the slightest mention of the word.

Maybe other people embraced the idea, but I sure didn’t.

But then I realized a few things.

And the most eye-opening realization was this:  my body is detoxing all the time, anyway, every single day.

It’s doing this all on it’s own, with absolutely no prompting from me.

In a nutshell, this is how your body is always detoxing:


Your Skin

You know how great you feel after a work out, especially if you’ve worked up a good sweat?

Well, guess what?

When you sweat, your body is naturally detoxing and getting rid of unwanted bacteria and toxins.

So, sweat – while not that attractive in the moment – is really a very good thing!

(Too bad we can’t just sweat out the gluten, along with everything else. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way).

And if you’re not sweating – especially if you’ve just exerted yourself with a full aerobic workout – that’s something to take a closer look at.

Remember:  sweating is normal. Sweating is good!


Your Digestive Tract

Along with your sweat glands, your digestive system is part of your body’s natural mechanism for detoxing.

In this case, the liver and kidneys are the primary detox pathways – as well as your large and small intestine.

It’s all part of your body’s natural process of elimination.

Of course, on a certain level you probably already knew this.

But I mention it here because there’s often a tendency to take all this hard work for granted.

The reality is, those regular trips to the bathroom are simply part of a much greater, complex system – which most of us dismiss without a second thought.

But it’s a significant part of how your body detoxes, naturally.

Every. Single. Day.


What You Can Do

And so, while our bodies might be doing all this work on their own – every minute of every day – that doesn’t mean we’re always functioning at optimal levels.

In fact, chances are we’re not.

(Sometimes it seems a lot easier to eat junk food, rather than try and avoid it.

Almost any time of the year, it’s as if we’re often looking for an excuse to indulge!)

In other words, the various systems that make up the human body, sometimes need a little outside help.

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can help things along:

  • Eat a super clean diet for at least one week.
  • Consider making a super clean diet the norm, rather than the exception.
  • Remember that what you eat is only part of the equation – your Lifestyle and your home Environment are equally important pieces to consider
  • Don’t stop at reading labels on packaged foods! Be sure to include your toiletries and cosmetics. (Yes, it all counts!)


All these things are key to staying healthy as you get older, so that age-related chronic disease and weight gain won’t have a chance of catching  up with you.

So, now it’s your turn.

Are you ready to kick-start your health for the New Year?

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