Autoimmune Disease & You

ImpressionDid you know that Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition?

Did you also know that autoimmune diseases are on the rise?

In fact, statistically, if you’ve already been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, your chance of acquiring two or three more is extremely high.

Kind of sobering, isn’t it?

By its very definition, autoimmune disease means that your body – specifically your immune system – is attacking YOU.

It isn’t something that’s supposed to happen.

(And doesn’t, as long as your immune system is functioning properly).

But right now, we’re actually in the midst of an autoimmune epidemic – that’s how common autoimmune diseases have become.

Yet, here’s something else that might surprise you:

If you ask the average person to name an autoimmune-related illness, they will likely have trouble coming up with a single one(Check out “The Autoimmune Epidemic“, by Donna Jackson Nakazawa for a great read!)

Here’s what’s even more shocking:

Autoimmune disease is right up there with cancer and heart disease, as far as the risk of getting sick and dying!

However, so little is heard in the media, or otherwise, of this growing epidemic, that even your doctor may not know that your mysterious list of ailments might actually be immune related.

Clearly, your body isn’t supposed to attack it’s own cells and tissues, but with autoimmune disease, that’s exactly what’s happening – based on what you’ve been exposed to from your environment.

Take Hashimoto’s for example. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune condition where your thyroid gland is under-functioning. This can present with any number of symptoms – from weight gain, fatigue, sleep disturbances, hair falling out and more.

While any one of these symptoms is unpleasant – and clearly a problem – they AREN’T the root cause of your illness. They’re only symptoms. Rather, the root cause is inflammation, and your immune system being under attack.

But why?

What specifically triggers autoimmune disease? The answer is “all kinds of things”, but it ALWAYS includes the following:

 Your genetics
 An environmental trigger (gluten, anyone?)
 A leaky gut

The environmental trigger is a key piece. This can be anything from chemicals and other toxins – whether in the environment or your food – a poor diet, food sensitivities, stressintestinal permeability (aka leaky gut), and to a much lesser extent your genetic makeup.

And yes – gluten.

Together, these triggers act like a light switch, turning your genes on – or off – and triggering inflammation; it’s how your genes get “expressed” – what we call epigenetics!)

Is there any good news?

Yes there is – and that’s the fact that Celiac disease is one autoimmune condition where we DO know how to reverse your symptoms! And that’s by adhering to strict a gluten-free diet(your life could literally depend on it…)

Perhaps you’ve tried going gluten-free in the past – it seemed simple enough, but wasn’t as easy to implement as you thought. Or you found it too overwhelming to stick with long-term.

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