3 More Environmental Toxin Myths Debunked

Composition with plastic bottles of mineral waterThere are lots of myths circulating about environmental toxicants, detoxing, and whether or not it’s even a necessary thing to worry about.

You can read Part I of this conversation here.

I like to be thorough, if nothing else – leaving no stone unturned!



MYTH #4 – I’ve Already Switched to BPA-Free Plastic

That’s wonderful – you’re already ahead of the curve!

Unfortunately, I fell for the exact same marketing spin when I first learned about BPA in plastic.

I went out and bought all new plastic containers – looking for the tell-tale stickers that said “BPA-Free”.

I thought I was safe.

But guess what?

Manufacturers are smart. They know to replace BPA with something else – other chemicals with names like BPF, or BPS.

Which is exactly what they’ve done.

Yet nobody’s telling you this. (And most consumers still don’t know).

What You Can Do: Switch to glass! My Kitchen Detox for Weight Loss teaches all this and more.



MYTH #5 – We’re All Going to Die of Something – So What’s the Big Deal?

Actually, it’s a very big deal!

While it’s true that a lot of things can cause cancer, or even heart disease, do you really want to spend your golden years taking a boatload of medication and shuttling between doctor appointments?

If you’re wondering what medications have to do with this conversation – the answer is everything, since many medications in and of themselves can be toxic to the human body.

Take antibiotics, for example.

While certainly necessary at times, antibiotics tend to destroy not only the bad bacteria in your body, but also the good guys – potentially leading to all kinds of digestive and health problems system-wide. Here’s another thing:

While the genes that you’ve inherited are what they are, they do not determine your destiny. That’s a super important distinction and it’s where epigenetics comes into play.

What is epigenetics?

In a nutshell, it means that, just because your grandparents, or your father or your mother, have struggled with dementia or cancer, or diabetes – it doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to you.

Not by a long shot!

So, if it isn’t about your genes – what determines the outcome? According to Kelly Brogan, MD it “has to do with how your lifestyle exposures are interacting with your genes – yes your stress, food, sleep (or lack of it), chemical exposures. All of these variables impact how your genes are expressed and are within your control.

Plus, cleaning up your immediate environment INSIDE your home.

All of these – your diet, your lifestyle, and your environment – act on your genes, (independently and collectively), thus determining how your unique genetic code (i.e. your genome) will be “expressed”. (Please note that when it comes to diet – one size does not fit all!)

Here’s where it gets even more interesting.

Once those genes are turned “on” – you’re also influencing the genetic code that will be passed on to the next generation. That’s right – your children and grandchildren.

Bottom line: there’s actually a lot you can do to change the outcome, starting today.

According to a favorite quote of mine: “Your Genetics loads the gun. But it’s the environment that pulls the trigger.”


What You Can Do:

Check out this fun little video about Epigenetics – & the Story of your Genes



MYTH #6 – I’ve Tried A Detox, But I Felt Sicker Than Ever

It’s a funny thing that can happen on a detox – or really, any time you drastically change your diet.

(In the moment, of course, it’s not so funny).

It’s almost as if your body has decided to throw a tantrum, because you’re depriving it of it’s favorite foods.

So, it does exactly what any two-year old will do – screaming his head off, even if you’re out in public – until you give in. TRANSLATION: The nausea, fatigue and headaches – migraine, or otherwise – are your body’s equivalent of an all out tantrum.

Your immune system has basically said, “something isn’t right here”, and has launched a defense. This is WHY you’re feeling sick.

Yet here’s the catch:

In this very moment when your body is sending out so many distress signals you’re tempted to cave – it’s actually the worst thing you could do.

Try looking at it this way: your body is in distress, and is sending some very strong messages.

It’s saying, “Please listen to me – or I’ll ramp things up even more!”

On the plus side, these episodes usually only last two to three days, depending on your level of toxicity. (It will be different for everyone).

So yes, this likely means you’ve got work to do. But getting over that “hump” could really be the key to turning your health around.


What You Can Do:

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