The Myth of Weight Gain & What To Do About It

Calories LetterpressAre you swept up in the first-of-the-year weight-loss battle?

As we’ve established, it’s not uncommon post holidays to be 5-10 pounds heavier than you were two weeks ago and frustrated (yet again) that yet another year has passed where you ate all this junky food and are feeling like crap from all the over-indulgence. Chances are you’re likely thinking about what to do to start losing that weight. (It’s why Gym memberships EXPLODE during January.) You’re going to start seeing all these Detox and Cleanse programs – with the emphasis on exercising more and reducing calories.

While that’s all well & good, there’s also an elephant in the room!

What if I told you that your struggles to lose weight aren’t so much about how much you’re eating, but rather WHAT you’re eating? And that the chemicals and other irritants in your environment can also have an enormous impact on your weight!

What’s toxic to your body?

For starters, it’s all those additives and preservatives in the “fake” food you’ve been eating.

Add to this a simmering cocktail of chemicals like the BPA found in plastic storage containers, water bottles, and store receipts! (you’ve likely read about this offender in the news)

While some of these chemicals will be eliminated through your natural detoxification pathways – your skin, liver, kidneys and colon – others can continue to build up in your body, literally for decades.

And here’s the thing: chemicals that aren’t excreted end up being stored in the your fat cells! The more chemicals in your body, the more fat cells you need to store them all.

So you get fatter.

But here’s what else happens, especially If you’re feeling any kind of regret over your holiday indulgences, and are caught up in the first of the year frenzy to lose that extra weight. (It’s why Gym memberships EXPLODE during January, by the way.)

If you do try to lose weight, or go on a detox or elimination diet – those stored toxins get released into your bloodstream and you can end up feeling really sick as a result, as if you’ve been hit by a truck.

Or caught the flu.

“Stupid elimination diet!” you tell yourself, “It made me sick!” And you go right back to eating what you ate before.

Yet, it wasn’t the diet, itself, that made you sick. It’s what happened in the weeks, months and years prior. That constant build-up over time, from stuff you’ve been exposed to in your environment, day in, and day out.

So while all these Detox & Cleanse programs – with the emphasis on exercising more & reducing calories – are well & good, there’s also an elephant in the room!

It’s this missing piece of the conversation that we’re NOT talking about.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be sharing with you over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for details on my FREE online class I’ll be offering in early February.

It’s likely the answer you’ve been looking for, that can help you nip your weight-loss battle in the bud.


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